TRIAD GOD – Remand

mp3: Triad God – Remand

Anyone who says their inspiration comes from the film work of Wong Kar Wai and Christopher Doyle has my attention. Triad God is South London based MC Vinh Ngan and producer Palmistry. Their story is pretty interesting and told best in Palmistry’s own words.

“I moved to London after giving up gambling in 2007 to pursue music and learn music production. In 2011, I started hanging out in casinos in and around Chinatown while looking for a place to film a music video, [which is when I met] Vinh. After I told Vinh I was making music, he told me he wanted to be a rapper, from which I invited Vinh to my studio. Vinh and I share a love for Hong Kong, a place we’ve both never been. I find inspiration in Wong Kar Wai and Christopher Doyle and Vinh in Andy Lau’s Young and Dangerous films. We started recording music, working on an EP called “Aym G 4 Life” (“my boys for life”) in between watching Young and Dangerous films and hanging out and filming in Chinatown’s casinos. We formed a strong friendship, and Triad God was formed. Triad God represents Vinh’s musical output over the past year. Building on “Aym G 4 Life” comes NXB, or “New Cross Boys.” NXB follows the theme of brotherhood with his old crew: the struggles they faced, and the lasting memories they left with him.” (via The Fader)

Triad God are releasing a new album soon on Hippos In Tanks.

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