The Sky Report + Supercrush Studio present

We’re really excited about our showcase at Brooklyn Fireproof tomorrow night (4/14), co-sponsored by the amazing Supercrush Studio. Here’s a little crash course on the acts we have lined up because, if you’re reading this than you’re definitely coming out for it, right? Good. Here we go!

Young Heel

Young Heel are a great Brooklyn band that has been growing and evolving over the past few months. Their excellent Falls ep is available at bandcamp. Check out one of our favorite tracks, “Knowing”.

Andre Obin

mp3: Andre Obin – Lemondrop (via Moodgadget)

Boston-based synth-pop artist Andre Obin really impressed us at one of our CMJ shows last October, with his lush, beautiful sound. He just put out the awesome new single “Valencia”, but his gorgeous track “Lemondrop” is what made us fall in love with him.


mp3: Psychobuildings – Portrait (via Transparent)

Psychobuildings are so fun! The last time we saw them play live it was impossible not to be energized by their infectious dance-pop, not to mention the front man’s wildly awesome dance moves. Check out the video for “Terror Management” for a taste.


mp3: RARECHILD – Looking At Me

Brooklyn’s RARECHILD have been busy putting out a single for every month of 2012. The lastest in the serious series is called “Salty” and you can grab it over here. Revisit the video for “Common Crime”, which we premiered earlier this year.


We are super stoked to have Sinkane (of Yeasayer) as the house DJ for our showcase. He will be keeping us moving in between acts. If you haven’t discovered his solo work yet, definitely jump on the awesome recent single “Jeeper Creeper”.

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