THE LEGENDS – ‘Seconds Away’

The one-man band that is The Legends first grabbed my attention with the 2003 debut LP Up Against the Legends. After two subsequent releases, as well as the downsizing from nine members to one, Johan Angergård is about to return with The Legends’ 4th full-length. No date yet, but a brand new single is set for release on November 5. Of the new single, Johan says, “I need noise now, so this new single sounds like someone drilling a hole in your head. In a pleasant way that is. It’s called “Seconds Away” and is about the wonders of tryptizol.” I would agree that this is the perfect desciption of the new track. If you like your pop noisy and bittersweet, check it out. Oh yeah, and The Legends are from Sweden.

The Legends – Seconds Away (mp3)

Stream older tracks here.

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  1. Seagull says:

    lovely blog!

    vlad stoian, Sunete ‘Sounds’ Magazine, Romania

    big fan of angegard!

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