The Book Report – The Beautiful & The Damned

In an effort to expand our horizons and turn you on to some really cool new books concerning music, this is The Book Report, an ongoing series from guest contributor Christopher Ambrose.

Text by: Christopher Ambrose for The Sky Report

The Beautiful & The Damned: Punk Photographs by Anna Summa

With everyone and their roommate posturing as a rock photographer with their underwhelming cellphone-camera snapshots of performances, it’s inspiring to see the conscious images of someone that knows and cares about what they are doing inside a setting of chaos that is a punk performance. Anna Summa’s black & white photographs of LA’s first generation punk scene of the late ‘70s to early ‘80s, and the artists and internationals that traveled through it’s doors, evokes not only the personalities of the performers but the mood and energies of the time.

The sometimes staged and sometimes performance-blurry images capture the regulars of the day like Darby Crash, Tomata Du Planty of The Screamers, Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons as well as transient out-of-towners like James White, Ari Up of The Slits, Prince and Michael Stipe… Amongst so many other known and unknowns. The Beautiful & The Damned is relevant to punk fans wanting to dig deeper into the scene as well as aspiring photographers wanting a lesson in visual style. Even if you don’t know all the names and faces in the photos, the images stand on their own as documentation of a time and a place and an attitude that was.

Check it out.

The Beautiful & The Damned: Punk Photographs by Anna Summa
Published by Foggy Notion Books/Smart Ass Press
Edited by Kristine McKenna
Forward by Exene Cervenka

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