The Book Report: Black Dog Publishing

In an effort to expand our horizons and turn you on to some really cool new books concerning music, this is The Book Report, an ongoing series from guest contributor Christopher Ambrose.

Text by: Christopher Ambrose for The Sky Report

Every well-curated bookshelf should have a Black Dog Publishing (BDP) section. BDP is a London-based publishing house specializing in all things culturally relevant in art, architecture, film, fashion and beyond. But what will have you filling your shelves and sitting on your floor for hours re-reading and re-viewing, are their music titles.

Over the past few years they have put out some of the best books on music. Their Labels Unlimited series exhaustively explores important record labels – from the rock, soul, funk and psychobilly of Ace Records to the indie-label defining Rough Trade – to Black Dog’s surveys of global musical movements like Krautrock and No Wave. All titles present a nearly comprehensive view of the label and music scene with unseen archival photographs, interviews, testimonials, rare artwork and advertisements, newspaper clippings and other ephemera. They are all beautiful and fascinating.

In the interest of keeping this entry brief and allowing you to browse and discover on your own… Titles, with direct links, from the Labels Unlimited series include:

Ace Records
Immediate Records
Ninja Tune
Rough Trade

Favorite titles examining music genres and cultures include:

Krautrock: Cosmic Rock and It’s Legacy
No Wave
Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now

Another one to add to your reading list is a forthcoming BDP title that explores, uncovers and reflects on the influence of Italian Disco of the 70s and 80s – Italo Disco: A Secret History of Modern Pop.


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