Brooklyn band Spanish Prisoners released their stunning debut lp Gold Fools this week. Building from their previous ep Los Angeles Guitar Dream, the band has created a solid effort that is loaded with careful nuances, intricate songwriting, and powerful explosions of sound. Fans of post “Kids” MGMT (I being one) should especially take note, as the work here is on par with the psychedelic precision of Congratulations, though I find Gold Fools to be far more even-keeled and streamlined. Gold Fools is perfectly compelling the first time around, but this is an album deserving of many repeat listens, as the subtleties and depth really take shape with time, as is the case with any truly great record.

Gold Fools is streaming now at Bandcamp.

Tonight, Spanish Prisoners celebrate the release of Gold Fools with a live set at Death By Audio, along with a potent line-up of great bands – DIVE, Caged Animals, & Quiet Lights. The Sky Report will also be on hand playing some of our favorite new music in between sets. More info here.

Spanish Prisoners- Rich Blood by Spanish Prisoners

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2 Responses to SPANISH PRISONERS – Gold Fools

  1. Ichicuts says:

    Loving this album. Gonna be at the show!

  2. myjestik says:

    they are new, but quickly becoming my favorite band.

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