mp3: Perfume Genius – Learning

Perfume Genius is the moniker for the extraordinarily talented Mike Hadreas of Seattle. Matador just released his new full-length Learning, a stark collection of beautifully crafted piano/vocal melodies that could very well make you cry. Hadreas was recently quoted saying, “I spent my whole life hiding from the things that happened to me, to my family and friends. The entirety of all these experiences: abuse, addiction, suicide, all that cool stuff, I couldn’t bear to look at it.” If that’s not inspiration I don’t know what is.

Perfume Genius has a pair of NY shows on the horizon:

Tue, July 20 – 92Y, Tribeca, NY, NY
Fri, July 23 – Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY (with Melati Malay)

Learning is available now in multiple formats at Matador.

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  1. john hart says:

    Very ambitious,very nice.Echoes of the Brill Building.

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