OUT IN THE STREETS MUSIC FESTIVAL – Guide to the Bands (pt. 3)

Get to know some of the artists playing our Out In The Streets Music Festival this Saturday at Brooklyn Fire Proof. Here are just a handful of the acts you can expect to see.

mp3: Teams – Sunbells

“Sean Bowie a.k.a. Teams has been exploding about the Internet of late, releasing gold after gold.” –Life: Aquatic

mp3: Fan-Tan – On Your Wall

“The music is full of dramatics and tension, and it has an unyielding ability to remain in listeners’ heads for days.” -The Deli Magazine

mp3: Yes Alexander – Evidence

“Yes Alexander has the gorgeous and otherworldly voice of a young, strung-out angel hustling on some shimmering ho’ stroll in heaven. It is filled with yearning and sweetness and hurt and promise. Also, if you have a crush on a person you totally want Yes’ music on the obsessive mix CD you make to leave on their doorstep.” –Michelle Tea

Yes Alexander’s new album Like Lions is amazing and you should own it. Get it here.

Get postMagic’s debut ep Curved Is The Line Of Beauty for free at SoundCloud.

02 She Don’t Lie by postMagic

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