OUT IN THE STREETS MUSIC FESTIVAL – Guide to the Bands (pt. 1)

Get to know some of the artists playing our Out In The Streets Music Festival this Saturday at Brooklyn Fire Proof. Here are just a handful of the acts you can expect to see.

“Psychobuildings is Brooklyn resident Peter LaBier. Unlike so many of Brooklyn’s residents, Peter’s not flannel-clad, unfriendly or a witch. In truth, his music seems to have more in common with California’s oddball set (Ariel Pink, Nite Jewel, The Samps, etc.)…”
-Vice Magazine

“So this is basically a dance song about the deep-rooted fears we all have, but in typical Psychobuilings fashion, that fear is blown out into stuttering drum machines, awkward/cool white dude dance moves and hushed Arthur Russell-style vocals.”
-The Fader

mp3: Psychobuildings – Terror Management

“With new single “I Am You,” they show a penchant for sweet and synthy lo-fi pop that would be right at home on the soundtrack of an 80’s buddy cop movie. I realize I’ve used a similar comparison before, but it always surprises me how so much DIY music attempts to timeshift my millennial generation brain to a crowded movie theater on the day “Pretty in Pink” opened. It’s cool though, we seem to really enjoy this idea, and COOLRUNNINGS deliver.”
Visitation Rites

mp3: COOLRUNNINGS – San Dimas Oasis

Coolrunnings – I am You from Panaframe on Vimeo.

“I’d wager that the dudes in Mirror Mirror really dig on Barrett-era Pink Floyd. Their tunes are melodiously parochial and texturally adventurous, a hodgepodge of vibe and technique that owes a lot to the late, Aspergers-afflicted singer and his band’s wayward excursions into pop music. But Mirror Mirror are self-aware cherubs amidst Brooklyn’s recent psych renaissance…”

mp3: Mirror Mirror – New Horizons

New Horizons video:

Mirror Mirror “New Horizons” HD from Mirror Mirror on Vimeo.

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