DEBORAH HARRY – ‘Two Times Blue’

As many of you may know, I’m huge on Debbie Harry. Since I was five years old, Blondie was my favorite thing in the world. So bear with me here as I indulge my personal favorite legend of all time. Debbie is set to release her 5th solo album, “Necessary Evil” on October 9th. The first single (which I posted here back in May) now has a video. Fans may be excited to know that another new song, ‘If I Had You’ has just surfaced on Debbie’s Myspace page.

STREAM – Debbie Harry – If I Had You

Deborah Harry – Two Times Blue (music video)
Debbie Harry – Two Times Blue

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  1. Kenneth Walsh says:

    Great song and video! Deb’s a living legend … LOVE HER!!!!!

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