COPY – Hard Dream

mp3: Copy – Breakfast

Copy is the moniker of Marius Libman, a master beat maker who is already a legend in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. Now Libman is ready for the big time with the recent release of his new LP Hard Dream, a concept album “loosely intended as a score to the un-filmed movie; part synth pop, part electro, part Italo disco, with a twist of Ratatat, and a dash of John Carpenter”. You’ve got my attention. Check out the new video for “Breakfast” below.

Copy “Breakfast” from Audio Dregs Recordings on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to COPY – Hard Dream

  1. lesley says:

    reminds me of video game music. the level you spend forever trying to kill the head guy. this is ok but kinda mindless. don’t doubt he is talented. this just doesn’t really stand out for me, but i would hear more.

  2. Audiozobe says:

    Well, thanks for the info – interesting album on the whole, but it is a sad moniker that almost certainly will prove the doom of this musician. Quick, throw a bunch of letter, see if something better comes up…

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