Bushwick Rooftop Festival

The Bushwick Rooftop Festival goes down this weekend, featuring 22 bands and a handful of DJ’s over two days at two different locations. We highly recommend checking out acts like Magic Man, Shadowbox, Rescue Bird, Bad Credit No Credit, and PostMagic, but the lineup doesn’t quit there. We’ve heard great things about Vultures, Ava Luna, and Darlings. Also on the bill are Gunfight, Eskalators, Weekends and much more. Check out Magic Man’s free album and the full schedule below and get the full lowdown including streaming tracks from all the bands at Bushwick Rooftop Festival.

Magic Man – Real Life Color (full album download here)

SATURDAY – May 29th, 2010
75 Stewart Ave. BK, NY

03:00pm PostMagic
03:45pm Vultures
04:30pm Luke Rathborne
05:15pm Rescue Bird
06:00pm Indoors/Outdoors
07:00pm Elvis Meets Nixon
08:00pm Ava Luna
09:00pm Toothaches
10:00pm Big Honey mama
11:00pm Gunfight!
12:00am Eskalators
Late Night DJs

SUNDAY – May 30th, 2010
210 Cook St. BK, NY

03:00pm Lands and Peoples
03:45pm in every room
04:30pm Weekends
05:15pm New Moods
06:00pm The Binary Marketing Show
06:30pm ShadowBox
07:00pm Bad Credit No Credit
08:00pm Tiberius
09:00pm Magic Man
10:00pm Red Wire Black Wire
11:00pm Darlings
Late Night DJs

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