Best of 2009 – Guest List – BEACH FOSSILS

As a precursor to our impending year-end list, we’ve asked some of our favorite artists to select their five favorite releases of 2009. Kicking off the series is Christopher Burke of Beach Fossils, an up and coming Brooklyn band who are recording their debut LP for release in 2010. Beach Fossils have two of the greatest tracks of the year. If you’re unfamiliar, please do yourself a favor a stream the tracks “Vacation” and “Daydream” on myspace. Burke is also a member of Psychic and Kegs of Acid.


In no particular order:

Lo-fi weirdo friends of mine who make truly bizarre music. Designed to be challenging, absurd outsider shit that also has its moments.
Check out “So Denied” and MAYBE you’ll get what I mean.

WoodsSongs of Shame
Really good songs, really cool people.

The BeetsSpit In The Face Of People Who Dont Want To Be Cool
Awesome ultra-short pop jams played on buzzy acoustic guitars by three shouting Queens natives. Cool with a good sense of humor.

Air WavesEP
Five gems.

Rainbow BridgeBig Wave Rider “7
This is only a single, but everything about it came together well. Executed by some Bay Area kids.

WHOO! There were also good releases by Prince Rama of Ahodhya, Gary War, Real Estate etc. etc.

Chocolate Bobka: Beach Fossils – ‘Vacation’ from Ray Concepcioñ on Vimeo.

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