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  1. Todd Hoover says:

    Dear Sky Report,

    Do you accept independent music submissions? If so, what would be the most optimal way for me to submit something to potentially be featured on The Sky Report? Please let me know what would be most convenient for you.

    If you have any questions for me at all, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you very much for your consideration — I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many blessings,
    Todd Hoover

  2. Max says:

    Hey I’m Max, I’m a musician from Long Island, I wanted to submit some of my music to you guys, hope you can give it a listen. Thanks! http://soundcloud.com/maxwelldemon/sets/strange-beings/


    We released our 1st Singles collection which holds tracks of deep house, future, trap, chillwave and nudisco, and we want to share it with you. We also send you a video of our 1st Anniversary Party. Feel free to share and download!


    Watertonic – Different
    Bike Warrior – Flying Birds Under The Rain
    Franh – Glowing
    The Crystal Ship – Under The Sun
    Los Árboles – Your Eyes(Are They Still Looking At The Sky?)


    SINGLES COLLECTION: http://soundcloud.com/blckshprecords/sets/singlescollection

    # # #

    About Blckshp Records:

    Blckshp Records is a young record label and cultural producer from Buenos Aires. Our goal is to achieve the release of the most elegant and modern dance music.
    Founded by Gabriel Conti a.k.a Bike Warrior, who is also the founder of ”In Party We Trust” one of the most popular festivals of EDM in Argentina.

    ”Our critique began as all critiques begin: with doubt. Doubt became our narrative. Ours was a quest for a new story, our own. And we grasped toward this new history driven by the suspicion that ordinary language couldn’t tell it. Our past appeared frozen in the distance, and our every gesture and accent signified the negation of the old world and the reach for a new one. The way we lived created a new situation, one of exuberance and friendship, that of a subversive microsociety, in the heart of a society which ignored it.

    Art was not the goal but the occasion and the method for locating our specific rhythm and buried possibilities of our time. The discovery of a true communication was what it was about, or at least the quest for such a communication. The adventure of finding it and losing it. We the unappeased, the unaccepting continued looking, filling in the silences with our own wishes, fears and fantasies. Driven forward by the fact that no matter how empty the world seemed, no matter how degraded and used up the world appeared to us, we knew that anything was still possible. And, given the right circumstances, a new world was just as likely as an old one.”

    The manifesto text is called NOISE AND SILENCE and is part of the movie WAKING LIFE.

    BLCKSHP RECORDS’S FANPAGE: http://www.facebook.com/BlckshpRecords

    IN PARTY WE TRUST’S FANPAGE: http://www.facebook.com/inpartywetrustbsas

    Other Releases by Blckshp Records on Hype Machine: http://hypem.com/track/1n12r/Bike+Warrior+-+Whatever+Nevermind

    For more info about Blckshp Records, In Party We Trust or any of the label’s artist send an email to: blckshprecords@gmail.com

  4. Pauly J says:

    Dear Scot,

    Regal Brooklyn rockers Lord Classic have a brand new video. It’s a lullaby that tells the story of  a young Thomas conjuring monsters in the forest….


    The Story Of Lord Classic

    Born in the convict provinces of Australia, Lord J sailed to America to soak up the new world. During his six months at sea, he wrote the material that was to be the beginnings of the Lord Classic show. The inaugural fuss.

    Fueled on New York’s relentless vibe, he acquainted Julie Ross at a slumber party for underprivileged children. Her ladyship, a former member of the Hungarian royal court and a champion of the underprivileged was soon to show she was much more than just the anarchist…she played drums like a white Banshee… in an Antoinette dress.

    Trawling the late night Pianola bars of young Brooklyn, Lord J and Lady Ross found the Admiral Mountain spinning eclectic scrolls in one of the village’s many honky tonks. An ex-general of Napoleon’s army, he’d learnt bass playing in various military outfits. After a late night incident involving a shotgun and a chandelier, Mountain was exiled to America.
    Versed in pantomime and jester vaudeville routines, he made a fair (but hardly decent) wage spinning piano scrolls and entertaining the local revelers in the late nite boozer.
    It took a lot of persuasion before Mattley came around to the idea of joining the duo. Like the retired masters of old, Mountain had sworn “Never again” But once the three had filled the walls and halls of the fledgling Classic Manor with that incredible wash of sound…
    questions dissolved.

    Solidified and unified, the three began rehearsals for what was to become… the fabled…
    LC Show.

    A clip of Lord Classic live;



  5. Brandon says:

    Dear Scot and The Sky Report,

    My name is Brandon Leslie. As a bit of back round, my band “The West” has spent the last 5 months working on a five song EP with producer DJ Schwartz (Jez Dior). I was turned on to your blog by my friend James a while back and I really dig what you do. I discovered “Anika” from the write-up you did on them and I have been a fan ever since!

    Anyway, I’m writing to let you know about the current project that I am involved with. It’s called “The West,” a female fronted group with a few guys to balance out the mix.

    We are a fairly new band but have been trying to turn more people onto our self titled five song EP. We have been giving our music away for free in exchange for an email address. We’ve been working on a bunch of new stuff, with the thought that we’ll get another new album and music video done before summer with Director Daniel Iglesias (The Neighbourhood)

    If you haven’t checked it out, you can either stream or download our single “Wild Hearts” from our Sound Cloud:

    “Wild Hearts” Download: https://soundcloud.com/thewestmusic/wild-hearts

    Okay Scot. I hope you enjoy the song. If you do decide to post something about it, that’d be amazing. If not, thank you anyways and we all love and enjoy your blog.

    Take good care and thanks for your time,


  6. CRi says:

    Hi Scot!
    I’m a 22 years old indie electronic music producer. I’m from Montreal and I give you the link of my first EP ”ECLIPSE”. If you need more information just send me a mail.
    HERE’S BANDCAMP LINK : http://crimusic.bandcamp.com

    Keep me in touch 🙂

  7. Glenn Miller says:

    Your blog is simply wonderful. The design and all… Simply very very nice. Congrats!

  8. Zach says:

    Hi, my name is Zach, I’m a freshman in college chasing down a couple dreams of mine. Please check out my music when you have a chance. Thanks you in advance!



  9. Alvie says:


    i am very new to music blogs but have been trying to get involved in some, this is one of first posts, any suggestions at all would be helpful. I represent a small Label out of Tempe, Arizona called Bird Flu Kitchen, that have just released a solo record for an artist named Mike Spero. He is a solo artist that plays every instrument on this record and also plays bass for Authority Zero a Punk band From Mesa, Arizona. Please check out this stuff and spread the word if you like any of the music.

    Also i work for a FM and Internet radio show called Erratic! Radio that does Punk/Garage/Rock and roll. It would be cool to collaborate if you know other stuff that is erratic. We work with record labels like slovenly records and Burger Records so if your interested at all in talking music please hit me up.




  10. george ramantanis says:

    Hello there, i’m sending this soundcloud link of my new release, “Cuts, Edits, Versions”
    In case you want to write something you can find info at the google drive link.



  11. Jaiprime says:

    Dear Scot,

    My name is JAIPRIME, and I am an emerging Canadian producer. I actually produce out of my igloo, so my music sounds a little different than I had originally intended…
    In the summer of 2011 I was the winner of the Roland Synth Contest in Montreal which was part of the Mutek festival, AND I have just released a free collection
    of music I’ve created from the heart. Each song on my EP has a unique sound: smooth electronic music with a focus on uplifting harmonies, ambient vocals… and a sufficient amount of bass (if your into that).

    I really enjoy the music you’ve posted and I feel
    like you might appreciate my music. However I’m sure you’ve heard this quite a few times already… SO

    If you are still interested, take a listen to a song or two.
    I should add that all of my music is free to download.

    Thanks a lot!

    Here is a bit of a song off my EP that I think you might like:

    Many more different songs & remixes on my http://soundcloud.com/jaiprime

    You can download the entire EP here:

  12. MindsEye says:

    Hey Scot,
    I just wanted to share my new Waves EP with you. It features 4 summery electro/lounge tracks that I’ve created recently.
    – ‘Waves’ is an instrumental track, inspired by Air’s classic lounge-track ‘All I need’.
    – ‘Feel like home’ is a collaboration with singer Tiffany Childers, using the ‘Waves’ instrumental to create a relaxing summer evening vibe
    – ‘The Place Beyond the Clouds’ is a synth-driven track with some hiphop influences, inspired by JFK’s ‘moon speech’
    – ‘Yellow Taxi under a Blue Sky’ is a remix of Matt Costa’s ‘Yellow Taxi’, with a beat that is influenced by the sound of Royksopp.


    Thanks in advance for taking the time to check it out, and keep up the blogging!


  13. Craig says:


    My name is Craig and I have been recording music alone under the moniker Omega Vague for the last 12 years. It wasnt until recently I started self releasing my stuff. I have just finishd a new nine track album of dreamy, ethereal post rock/cinematic style themes. Here is a link to a free download of the album which is also streamable.

    Here is a short bio as well:

    Omega Vague is Craig Douglas a multi-instrumentalist from Connecticut. He is a member of psych-rock group .dbk. and the comedic industrial metal group Circus Of Dead Squirrels. He has released three albums under the name Omega Vague and has just finished “FOUR” a collection of nine dark, dream pop songs. Omega Vague stakes out an unaffected, meditative, clear-eyed and earnest space where minimalism, dream-pop, drone, shoegaze, confessional folk, rock and ambient/electronic coexist.


    Thanks for your time,

    Craig Douglas

  14. Hi, I was wondering if you accept submissions? We have a brand new underground hiphop artist from Texas whom we tremendously excited about, Young Vice. Here’s a track on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/youngviceofficial/nothing

    Or is there another format your prefer? Please advise, and thanks for your time!

    Exquisite Noise Records

  15. Tarek says:

    dear scot, such a great Homepage – i like it.
    Please check out my new song: https://soundcloud.com/thechase-4/hallucinations-feat-jdashit
    Would be great If you can upload it on your platform and on hypem.com

    thanks a lot!

  16. Hi SkyReport,

    I found your blog after searching for new music on Hypemachine. I have many of the same interests in artists!

    I was wondering if you would be open to me writing a guest blog post for you guys? I would happy to write on any topic of your choosing!

    Here are some ideas:
    – Festival Reviews
    – Album Reviews
    – New Music Spotlight
    – Anything else you want!

    If you are interested, let’s make magic. I can also give you guys a backlink from my main website https://festifind.com

    Stay Awesome,

  17. The Eyes says:

    Scot, Wanted to pass along.


    Lead vocalist of The Eyes, Jordan Lee Billings of Kansas City, met Joe Sadler and Greg Ullery in Silver Lake California. In early 2015 they started producing creative content and writing music together. 18 months later they are releasing their self produced music, video and creative agency.

    All three members of the band have been involved in men’s fashion for the last 10+ years. Sadler and Ullery co-founded GQ Best New Menswear Designer Nominee Riviera Club, while Billings has routinely consulted for Baldwin, CFDA Award Nominee.

    Their creative agency, The ii, has produced content for some of the world’s most influential brands including, Canon, Fender Musical Instruments, W Hotels, Schott NYC, Triumph Motorcycles, Pendleton, and more.

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